Friday, April 3, 2009

This too shall pass...

Hi Caravaners,

I was a bit rushed when I wrote my last post but I wanted to let everybody know the situation so that everybdy did not think I was still doing this miracle work with the parapelegic girl. It seems that I was a bit bamboozled as far as that job is concerned. They were seriously looking a gift horse in the mouth! But oh well, my job is to serve, and those who do not wish to receive service are on their own. It is no longer my concern.

I am still just passing time in Lima, anxiously awaiting the arrival of my new Atm/Visa card. This card really will spell my freedom at this point. I have a flight credit with back to Iquitos with Star Peru awaiting me for whenever I choose to use it. I was a bit torn up until now if I should remain in Lima and search for a job or go back to Iquitos and resume my apprenticeship. Then I got back to basics-- I called upon the medicine and remembered the plan I thought out over a month ago. So my choice now is to fly back to Iquitos early next week when my card arrives; I need it to pay for the flight change of 10 US, which is about my 3 day allowance here in Lima for room, food and transportation! Once in Iquitos I am going to reconnect with the medicine and the plants, make new contacts, and then figure out a way to raise enough money for a visit back home to the States. I seriously need to get my organization´s website going, fundraise, sell my artwork, and record an album and play gigs. This will earn me plenty of money to move back down here permenantly and not have to be scraping by day to day like a pauper. I have had it with that gig. Don´t get me wrong, the experience has been wonderful not having any money to worry about, and although I do not need to be rolling up in a Rolls Royce, I believe the middle road of having sufficient money next time around is the way to go. Not to mention that most of these long-term apprenticeship programs cost US greenbacks. So that is the plan, man. Like the name of my band: Constant Change. I should know by now!

Phew! That is a great weight off of my mind. I am looking forward to being back in Iquitos, surrounded by the magical jungle, the amazing natural food options, Mapacho (I am just about out), some familiar faces , pesky mosquitoes, and to reconnect with the ayahuasca and other plant medicines.

Some things I´d like to do in Lima before I depart: hit the beach a few more times, and visit the Apple computer outlet that is rumored to be here. My laptop charger was stolen in Iquitos before I got down here. I need to get on my computer!!!!!!!!

Until next time gang. Thanks for tuning in.

Love and Light,


  1. Keep up the positive motivation! Times will be rough but as long as you continue to stay positive, all the negative will be worth it at the end.
    Sounds like a good plan to get some money up. Unfortunately, we live in a world where money controls our way of life. Even when living off 10 US dollars, trying to get 10 US dollars is even harder overthere! Living in poverty always allows a person to appreciate life more. It's the struggle of life that allows us to appreciate moments like your sunset over the pacific and to write with such passion.
    Stay on course! Your fulfillment of your destiny is most important and don't forget to breathe because at the end that's all you have.

  2. Thanks, meng, for the inspiring words. I find that whether I worry about things happeneing or not or just enjoy life in the mean time things still work out in the end. The trick is learning to enjoy Life while you are waiting for Life to respond to the situation. No point in worrying. And thanks for the breathing reminder... I noticed recently that I often hold my breath in sticky situations.


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