Thursday, April 2, 2009

The less I have the more I gain...

So it has been a little over a week since I arrived here in Lima and things have not panned out as I originally expected. It´s like this... ´know how to make God laugh? --- ´tell him your plans!´
So here´s the deal. I spent the first 2 nights in Lima living in the nice apartment with the girls and helping Teresa out with some of her therapy. Then things began to take a turn... after coming to Lima for what I thought would be a full'time live-in caretaker position I was told my second day that they did not have the funding to pay me full-time and that I could simply work 3 hours as a PT and get payed for that. Things then deteriorated further until the story became ´we do not have enough funding period and do not need another caretaker nor can afford to pay one.´ So let´s just get this straight... I made this trek to Lima out of the goodness of my own heart, had my wallet stolen in Iquitos one hour before my flight which included about 90 US and my Atm-Visa card, shelled out an additional 200 to make arrangements to get to Lima, and then I get here to be told no dice. Grrrrreat.

So here´s what happens next... the girls offer to buy me a plane ticket back to Iquitos and give me 20 bucks which I accept because I was not about to live in that apartment all irritated as I was. I also had this feeling in my gut that I did not come down to Lima simply to have a 2 night vacation from the jungle in a fancy high-rise apartment. So the next day before my flight I head to the beach early and wound up meeting a super awesome girl and hanging out with her at the beach all day. She offered to help show me around the city and to find I job teaching english if I wanted to. I guess this was the sign I was looking for. I decided to put the flight on hold for later and to tough things out here in Lima. I had to wait 7-10 days for my new atm card to arrive and now I am expecting it between Friday and Monday.

Don´t get me wrong here... I am really enjoying the city life so far. It will be much nicer when I have a steady job and an apartment or something. I am still a little torn because I really wish to get back to the medicine and resume my apprenticeship in the rainforest, but without any soney saved up I don´t this would be possible. I may have to stay here a number of months before it will be time to make the move back to Iquitos. As for right now, I am taking it day by day--very literally. I know that everyhing will all work out. It always does. Just depends if I am gonna spend the time in between worrying, or have ing fun and living life. I think I will skip the worrying...

Until next time... hopefully I will have a new job to report!!!

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