Sunday, April 5, 2009

El Puesto Del Sol

I just witnessed my first setting of the sun over the Pacific Ocean. I believe it will burn an imprint in my heart and mind for the rest of my life. I was sitting atop a garden wall, with 3 or 4 terraces of cobble stones and flowers and trees running along the cliffside below me to my left as the sun began to drift closer to the horizon. The coast of Lima curled to my right north and out to sea like a crescent. What I had previously thought was a mountainous portion of the coast that jutted out into the sea reavelead itself as a mountain island just offshore to the northwest. The sky was a soft peach color with hues of pink and violet and the ocean a pastel green with slate blue. The waves rolled in from the sea in large ripples, mimicking the effect of a pepple thrown into a pool of water. There were hazy wispy clouds just above horizon that changed in color as the sun passed through them. As the sun was about to meet the horizon a humming bird joined me for the show and a drink in the rose bushes below before flittering away. A single sailboat appeared in my field of vision and headed out towards the now large, brilliant magenta sun. When the sun finally nestled beyone the horizon I felt in my heart that this view was worth all the difficulties I had experienced in Lima over the past 2 weeks, and any and all difficulties I have ever had endure. These are the moments that make life beautiful.

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