Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Sort of Homecoming

2 Cimi
(Ka is the number 2 in the Mayan Calendar and it represents duality and balance between opposing, yet complementary elements. Cimi is the 6th day sign of the uinal. It means `Death` and carries a powerful northern energy. This is the sign of the cycle of Life , Death, and Rebirth. The Maya saw death as the creator of life, and contact with their ancestors served to activate inherent psychic abilities. This day sign is particulalry gift with these abilities.)

Dear Caravaners,

Today marks day ten of waiting for the arrival of my new ATM card. So far no dice, but what I have gotten now seems so much more. I have been attempting to process what it was exactly the had drawn me here to Lima and kept me as if a prisoner. A prisoner free to leave if he wishes, yet kept in waiting for something that would certainly help out along the journey.

With that said I have begun to formulate a 6 month plan or thereabouts. I am choosing to seek out a job here in Lima... in fact, one offer literally fell into my lap in the form of an add for an inside sales job with a US company that wants native English speakers here in Lima. Another potential option is English teaching, which may be a bit more rewarding but with less potential for earning. I will weight out all the options. The goal is to save up enough money to begin the next grand leg of my journey. I have come to the conclusion that I must return to the states for some months to fund raise for my organization, get the website going, record my album, sell artwork, spend time with loved ones, etc etc. So instead of taking the funds I earn in Lima to purchase a plane ticket back to Philly, I will instead begin a trek from South America up through Central America, Mexico, Florida and up the East Coast of the US. I plan to do this on foot, by boat, train and by automobiles. I will most likely leave room for longer stops in Guetamala to further my research and experience of Mayan Culture, hike the tallest peak in Costa Rica through the cloud forests and have a view of both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans simultaneously, and then when I reach Tulum, Mexico, set up home base and hopefully spend time learning special massage techniques from Mayan Shaman Daniel Pol Pech at the Maya Spa. Once I am through in the Yucatan I can boat or take a short flight to Sarasota to visit one of my mentor/friends on Siesta Key, then take the train to Philadelphia. I don`t have a rigid time table but I would like to be back in the states by mid-october to see the leaves change color.

Once again, as I have so many times on this trip, I feel such a profound sense of gratitude for beaing alive. What seemed a major hassle and trial, the theft of my wallet, has opened up a door to accomplish all the things I have wished to accomplish this year-- as many and as impossible they may seem to complete. I must thank my friend Gina for having a dream about me going on walk-about because that opened my mind to the idea of both the trek, and earlier today I realized that it would be OK to stay in Lima and work. I had been torn between going back to Iquitos and staying here in Lima. I felt as though I would be foolishly turning my back a bit from my aoprenticeship if I should remain here for too long, but now I can see that I can have my cake and eat it, too.

So sports fans, stay tuned for my updates about my new job and a journey of several thousand miles through up to 12 countries!

Love and Light,
Joey Jaguar

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