Sunday, April 12, 2009

There´s No Easy Way Out.... There´s No Short-Cut Home.

7 Chuen

(Uuc is the number seven in the Mayan Sacred Calendar. It represents Reflection, the Source of Creation, and the Flow of Divine Will.

Chuen is the 11th day sign of the Uinal. It means ´Monkey´ and carries a colorful Western energy. In the middle of the 20 signs, this day often brims with creativity and exercises a great variety of talents and skills. Known to the Maya as the the weaver of time, monkey can hold and manipulate many different threads at once, intertwining new ideas, patterns or inventions into the fabric of our reality and changing our lives with the products of their innocent curiosity.)

Hi Caravaners,

Hope everyone is feeling well and happy. I myself have had a 3 day respite to finally sleep and recuperate from all the traveling and walking i have been doing lately. I have been fortunate enough to find a host family here in Lima to live with for a while. This is truly a blessing because I was so worn out. Now i have a safe place to rest my head everynight, and also to store what little stuff I have left!

You know, I have been thinking alot about making my return trip to the states sooner than I had said in my last blog. Part of me sees this as throwing in the towel, but if you have been following from the beginning you will see that I just need the resources of the US to regroup and accomplish what I need to before i relocate down here to begin building the Gaian Wheel of L.I.F.E.

So anyways, I will keep this one short. The deal is I am safe and secure for a while, and am going to focus my intention on manifesting a way back to the States for the summer and fall at the least, and possibly the holidays. I have resolved within myself the issue of throwing in the towel... perhaps you will get the symbolism between this saying and the title of this blog... it is a song from a famous soundtrack.... think boxing...

Hasta Pronto,

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