Monday, April 5, 2010

All That's Left

Love is All That's Left... this is the true human being state that we are can experience after some time working with the sacred Ayahuasca medicine. Ayahuasca is love.... god is love... life is love, no more, no less. Nature is PERFECT! The mistakes our ours. I perhaps failed to demonstrate effectively in the past what Ayahuasca shamanism is all about, and for that I apologize. Just know that it is a return to your true self... to your childhood innocence, and to your highest wisdom and light. I am truly blessed in every facet of my existence. I have found love again. I have wonderful friends and neighbors. I am grateful for my family and the upbringing I had, despite the rocky road that we had trod for nearly 12 years. All of that is history... 'His Story' I will be making the rainforest of Peru my home, at least in part time capacity from now on. The jungle is alive... it is pure magic. And magic, yet again, is love.

Please tune in again soon, Caravaners, as I plan to go in more depth about my doings here. I realize there has been much space in between my posts, but it took another month plus of drinking the medicine to get in the correct frame of mind, er spirit, to share my experiences with you. I now have a beautiful pice of land to build a small and cozy house for the months while I am apprenticing, and I am also finally looking into purchasing property with an hacienda to open La Tortuga Cosmica Lodge (The Cosmic Turtle) which will be our L.I.F.E. organizations 1st undertaking, a fully sustainable hacienda for travelers, and spiritual seekers and finders.. I need only to procure 1000 US for a deposit before I leave here end of May. Money is currently tights acould be, as I sacrificed 9 months of my life working like a dog just so I could return here to continue walking my true path again. I will be now accepeting donations to the organization to go towards charities (TBA) and also to secure the land and homestead. Normally, if I were working the US I would be in position to earn this money easily, but due to my circumstances my hands are tied. So if you feel it in your heart to contribute a portion to L.I.F.E. I can guarantee you free lodging based upon you donation when you decide to visit. The hacienda has an artesenal cistern for water, public electricity, although we will change over to solar panels ASAP, many fruit bearing trees including plaintain, softball sized limes, bowling bowl sized coconuts, and more. There is a swimminh lagoon 2 minutes walk from the back of the property, which is roughly 250 sq m. There is so much more, so I will have to post some photos soon for you all to see. We plan on ading an organic food garden, feng shui garden, and much much more. If you are interested in donating please contact me and i will send our paypal link. Anything at all will help. After all, L.I.F.E. (love-intellect-fitness-ecology) is not just for me, but for us all to share!

Much love, peace, and light.