Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The West is the Best

Hey all,
Joey here checking in from my new digs in the Miraflores District of Lima, Peru.  I am here until mid-May working with Teresa doing physical therapy and helping her on her quest to walk again.  Teresa broke 4 of her cervical vertebrae in a snowboarding accident 4 years ago and became a quadrapelegic.  Through the charity of others she raised enough money to come to Lima to receive cutting edge therapy from a doctor/shaman who, many years back, suffered a similar injury but through this therapy she now has fully recovered.  Yes, fully.  Teresa has been here since Oct '08 and at that time she had no movement or sensation in her torso or extremities.  Now she has regained some movement in her core, legs, arms and hands.  She is a remarkable individual.  I am living now with Teresa, her sister Amanda, and their best friend, Alecia.  We are all care-takers but my specialty here is the therapy that she must do daily at home in the apartment.  I am using my exercise and health science background with my knowledge of eastern medicines and yoga, plus shamanism and plant medicine to heal her body, mind and spirit.  Teresa has made astonishing gains in her quest.  She was at one time on a ventilator and now resides in magical Peru to receive therapy and be healed with the great plant teacher medicine Ayahuasca. Through Ayahuasca's spiritual and physical healing her gains have been rapid, bordering super-human.  I am truly blessed to be a part of her recovery and am answer the divine call to aid her.

You can read more about her story here:  Funding for her in-clinic therapy runs out within a week and beginning May 15th Teresa's funding for the apartment in which she lives will be run dry.  She has no intention of returning to the USA until she has made a significant improvement in her recovery and can once again walk.

As for me being in Lima is a great avenue for me to advance in many ways.  The climate is similar to that of coastal Northern California.  The view of the mountains jutting into the ocean from our 19th story balcony is gorgeous.  I am grateful to have a break from the rainforest climate because I have a few nagging infected mosquito bites which were only kept aggravated by the humid jungle air.  I am also happy to put my skills and knowledge into practice for a cause that I know is worthy and not simply to make money to stay above water in the western civilization dunk tank.  I have never lived in a large city so that is going to be a new experience as well.  Lima is home to 8 million inhabitants and sprawls out for miles surrounded by large mountains.  Being back in the city will also allow me to earn money selling art, playing music, and keep everything organized by have phone and internet access.  These are not crucial for survival and not appropriate when focused on deep personal work, but currently I see this as a good break from my apprenticeship and time to regain touch with the outside world.  The apprenticeship, however, does not really end or take breaks, just changes it's approach for teaching/learning.

So I guess that is all I have you you now, Caravaners.  I am off to stroll the beach and explore the neighborhood.  Take care.


Friday, March 20, 2009

Remember the Celestine Prophecy? Yeah, it's a lot like that.

Dear Gang,
Wow it seems like a veritable eternity since the last time I had access to the internet! Sorry for such a long delay in between posts. I have not been back here in the city of Iquitos for nearly 2 months. Originally I had anticipated checking back in with civilization every 10 days, or so, but that just did not pan out. First of all, our group infinite light has their own boat but, we rent the outboard motor and it is not cheap, so if we do not have a decent size group coming down then they do not rent the motor and that means to go back to Iquitos from Jenaro Hererra one must take the overnight ferry which takes 12 hours and is like being packed like a sardine in a can. So let's just say I opted to stay in the village and really focus my attention on my apprenticeship. There have been some casualties in the time I have been here so let me get those out of the way. Lost/Stolen articles: Favorite hoodie, silver bracelet, LED headlamp, keyboard and mouse, router, cables, camera charger, web cam. Most of those were stolen out of my bag when it was lost by one of the airlines. I can say, though, that despite the inconvenience of the losses I really have been so absorbed in my personal and spiritual work that it did not phase me much.

Let me tell you a little bit about ayahuasca shamanism as I have come to understand it after have partaken in 22 ceremonies. This by no means complete, but just what is on my mind for right now. Ayahuasca is purest, the most potent, and most effective spiritual and shamanic path there is (in my opinion and those of many others in the know ;). It is known as La Purga, the purge, because unlike other spiritual practices like yoga or meditation, Ayahuasca actually purges dark, evil or crossed energies and spirits from your spiritual, energetic and physical bodies. these 'bodies' are often referred to in Ayurdevic and Ancient Chinese medicinal practices as well as shamanism in general. It may take one an entire lifetime through yoga practice to achieve enlightenment or to open the 3rd eye. During Ayahuasca ceremony, however, the chakras are balanced immediately and the 3rd eye is open the whole time. Ayahuasca is not a "hallucinogenic drug" so get that outta your head right now. Note: Nothing Cannot Not Exist. May sound redundent but mull that one over for a while. We live in an infinite, ever expanding universe. i have come to know God, the Great Spirit, or which ever term you wish to use as a great void. The Ancient Maya and Egyptians have been teaching me this directly. the Maya refer to this as Hunab Ku, or the womb of Creation. It is a Void where nothing exists yet the potential for all things to come into being resides. The Egyptians refer to this as Ptah, and the Taoists as the Tao, or the Unknowable. It is neither Man nor Woman. It is both. think about the Taoist symbol of the Yin Yang and the Maya Hunab Ku, which is actually much older then Lao Tzu's discovery of Yin and Yang and the teachings of the Tao Te Ching, which is worth a read if you have never done so. I also have xtensive knowledge linking advanced Ancient civililizations, the Maya in particular, all they way back to Atlantis and Lemuria before it. Yes, this is real and they did exist. The clues and knowledge is there; however due to religious fanatacism, conquests and other means of subjugation this knowledge was lost, destroyed and otherwise deemed as heresy or false.

Now more about the purge.... so what actually gets purged? Well the first things to typically go are dark or evil spirits that may have attached themselves to your spirit. These stand zero chance with Ayahuasca, which is a pure pure medicine containing no less than 15 sacred medicinal plants. Ayahuasca is the benevolent serpent and keep in mind the snakes contain bothe venom AND the anti-venom. This is representaive of the duality in nature. After all the bad guys are kicked out, then Ayahuasca goes to work on the parts of us that hold us back from following our soul or highest self's true life purpose. These include, but are not limited to: fear, doubt, pain, ego, urgency, anxiety, confusion, anger/rage, depression, addictions, and others. Let me tell you how this works when purging is taking place, and it is important to keep in my mind that this is very challenging. When the nasty stuff is getting purged from your body (throught vomiting and elimationand also to a lesser degree through perspiration, urination, burping, and passing gas) you receive in the Ayahuasca visions intense images of the bad stuff leaving. I say it is a challenge because it is tatamount facing your fears and doubts, for example, head on. Ayahuasca opens us up energetically but not in order for dark energies to enter the body, but in order for them to be purged out. Often it is very frightening or sad and painful when these things are leaving the spirit. they often simply do not want to leave there nice comfortable nest where we have repressed emotions and stored them often for many many years. But again, one must remember that they are leaving for good. Ayahuasca shamanism is the ONLY known plant medicine, or any method of therapy for that matter, that purges dark and toxic energies from the spirit. Period. I know some people may want to disagree with this, but I can guarantee that that comes from a western-mind construct which has spent the past 2000 years thinking and analyzing and trying to prove though science what cultures who live harmoniously with nature have known for eons. The spirit realm exists and is real. We are spiritual beings. We are not Terminators-- you know, highly advanced robots that look human but ultimately are limited by their computer processor and when the battery runs out, it is curtains for good. Not so for spiritual beings!!! Good thing, too. That means that we are actually.......yes....... Immortal :) Western society has instilled in a us such a sense of fear of death and the unknown and through religious fanaticism and manipulation/control that it really has crippled our very spiritual natures. This is a sad sad reality. This poem by the Sufi master Rumi says it very well: "What strange beings we are! That sitting in Hell at the bottom of the dark, we're afraid of our own Immortality."
So what he's trying to say here is that the concept of hell is an actual place that can be created here, on Earth, in this universe, in the 3rd dimension. It is a place for those whose spirits have not fully awakened. Once the awakening has occured, we can begin to see why we are actually here! And that, my friends is a beautiful realization. Knowing why you are alive again this time, in this incarnation. Being able to embrace your life's true purpose, or Path with Heart. Ayahuasca helps us to wake up and get back on that path if we have strayed from it and don't know why. Or if we sit in the dark hell and forget our immortal nature. Be ready to kiss all the dark stuff goodbye for good. You would be utterly AMAZED at the capacity for which our bodies can hold onto all these negative energies, especially from living in our heavy western society. Dietetic and lifestyle changes like exercise and spiritual seeking are typically not enough to purge this shit OUT. It could take years and years. Why waste another precious day of life??? I cannot answer that for anyone, but I am eternally grateful that I have embraced my path . I choose to live my LIFE.

OK, so to get back to some more goings on here. BIG news: I have been offered a job in Lima, tha capital city of Peru, being an aid to a girl who had a terrible accident and now is a parapalegic. She is receiving cutting-edge government funded therapy available only in Lima, and I will be helping her with daily living activities and therapy along with 2 other girlfriends of hers. Included with the job is my own room in their 19th floor apartment over looking the Pacific Ocean. The pay is excellent by Peruvian standards and even US since I am living in Peru, afterall. $2100 US dollars per month, or 6300 Nuevo Soles. To give you a good idea of how far that goes here, I have been living off of 3 soles or less per day and that feeds me 3-4 delicious meals. Yes, folks I have been living for a US dollar a day. Wow.

Ok Ok, more advancements. Later this year or early 2010 I will begin construction of the Gaian Wheel of L.I.F.E. (Love.Intellect.Fitness.Ecology, my organization). This is going to be a fully sustainable intentional community and eco-resort revolving around a world-class Natural Healing Center and Mystery School. I will be building this in the high jungles of Peru. All staff who work for me will have the opportunity to buy into the community and live right there in the compound, amonst the beauty of nature. Since all power will come from renewable sources (passive solar, steam, wind, etc), and all food and medicine can be grown or obtained directly from the rainforest, this will be easy pure and natural living. The wheel will be comprised of 100 hectares, or 1 square km of land within the "city" walls, with an additional 100 hectares of jungle surrounding. The diameter of the circle is 1.13 km so it is not a bad little walk or bike ride to the opposite side. The circumference will be 3.55 km, again, totally doable on foot or bike. The community is going to be built in the shape of an Earth Medicine Wheel, hence the name of Gaian Wheel of L.I.F.E. I also plan to include restaurants, a spa, a medicine shop, botanical and food gardens, amphitheater and dance hall, a martial arts dojo and archery range, pools and baths and much much more. Please contact me if you are interested in making this vision become a reality. If you are a healer, teacher, a Warrior of the light, spiritual seeker, have a talent or skill that you could lend to this project, or just a True Human Being as Rumi says, I would love to hear from you.

That's all for now, Caravaners. I leave for Lima tomorrow morning and will check in again once I get settled in my new digs. Peace Out! :)

Love and Light,